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Our company’s philosophy

As an internationally active family business, values and standards are an important factor when dealing with customers,
employees and partners when it comes to achieving our company’s aims.
Below are the principles that form the basis of our joint actions:

1. Business units

We focus mainly on products and system solutions that allow us to tap into our strengths:
  • We can produce a large portion of our production resources in house. This allows us to respond quickly and cost-effectively to market demands.
  • We offer our customers clever, sophisticated ideas to solve their problems.
  • Thanks to our on-site presence, we can respond quickly to our customers needs.

2. Customer orientation

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
That is why we are always listening and improving our products and services. We sell products that offer customers a great degree of security while saving them time.

3. Employees

Our employees represent our greatest potential.
We provide our own training and are thus in a position to place a large portion of our employees. We have an open atmosphere and treat our employees with respect.
“Treat others as you would like to be treated!”

4. Suppliers

Good suppliers can often be a key factor in the success of a company.
We are interested in long-term, reliable business relationships. The price-performance ratio must be in keeping with our ideas of quality and service.

5. Innovation

We are flexible and open to new ideas. We develop new ideas in collaboration with our customers and suppliers.
We always strive to promote new developments that are in keeping with the strengths of our company.

6. The environment

As we are active in the field of renewable energies, it goes without saying that we handle our available resources with care.
As far as possible, our buildings are designed for low energy consumption. We produce more solar electricity than we use and we heat with biomass.
We are careful with the raw materials available to us.

7. A family business

Our company is not designed for short-term profit. The personal committment of the family allows us to do business independently over the long term and to act responsibly when it comes to the environment and society.


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