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Whatever design you decide on, our high-quality surfaces provide your door with the best protection against external influences. This allows you to get years of enjoyment from your garage door.


Large panel

Large panel

Pure, modern and aesthetically appealing: our sectional doors with large panels. The sections are between 490 and 610 mm in height and are based on the total height of the door to achieve a uniform look.

Medium panel

Medium panel

Our medium panel doors feature panels from 240 to 280 mm wide. They give the door a spacious and modern look.

Standard panel

Standard panel

This is the classic in our product range. The 120 to 150 mm wide panels are reminiscent of tongue and groove boards and are a particularly good option with wood grain looks.


Cassette panels

The cassette look features sections with a decorative panelled effect formed by stamping a vertical pattern of rectangles into the surface.



Woodgrain surface

The woodgrain surface refracts the light in many directions. Combined with wood decor, the result is an attractive, low-maintenance wood look.

Micro lines

Micro line surface

The straight, fine lines refract the light, lending the surface of the door an elegant appearance. The line structure also gives the panels greater stability, making the door less sensitive to impact.


Smooth surface

A special trend: Smooth surfaces give sectional doors a particularly high-quality, pure look.

Decorative & colour films, standard paint

Golden Oak

Woodgrain surface

Decorative film


Micro line surface

Decorative film


Smooth surface

Decorative film


Woodgrain surface

Decorative film

Fir green

Fir green (similar to RAL6009)

Colour film (similar to RAL6009)

Light grey

Light grey (similar to RAL7035)

Colour film (similar to RAL7035)

Grey white

Grey white (similar to RAL9002)

Colour film (similar to RAL9002)

Anthracite grey

Anthracite grey (similar to RAL7016)

Painted (similar to RAL7016)

Sepia brown

Sepia brown (similar to RAL8014)

Painted (similar to RAL8014)

White aluminium

White aluminium (similar to RAL9006)

Painted (similar to RAL9006)

Grey aluminiumm

Grey aluminium (similar to RAL9007)

Painted (similar to RAL9007)

Traffic white

Traffic white (similar to RAL9016)

Standard paint (similar to RAL9016)

Special colours in shades similar to RAL

Individual colours according to the RAL scale are available on request, however there may be slight colour variations due to the surface finish. Thanks to paint similar to the RAL scale, the doors can be colour coordinated to any type of cladding design or taste.

RAL colour fan

The following table illustrates which combinations of the different design features are possible:

Possible combinations


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