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Additional options

There are a number of options, extras and customised solutions for our sectional doors. Here is a small sample:

Stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames

This option rules out any premature rusting of the door frame due to contact with salt water or wall dampness. Niemetz is the only manufacturer that makes the frames and frame tracks out of stainless steel to protect them from corrosion.

Lighting strips ...

Lighting strip

... are the most effective option to allow more light into the garage. One or more translucent sections can be flexibly installed.

Windows ...

Stainless steel windows

... can also be used as design elements. Square, rectangular or round?
Choose from a wide variety of plastic or stainless steel windows to allow light into the garage.

Header and frame covers

Header and frame covers

It is not always possible to fit doors 100% perfectly, especially when renovating or retrofitting. Header and frame covers close any gaps created to within a millimetre of the door.

Locking mechanism

Locking mechanism

For all sectional doors opened manually, corresponding handles and locking systems are part of the product range. NB: The lock clicks in place automatically when closed. Elegant handles can be used as design elements to visually break up large areas.


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